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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cellphones, Mobile Handsets KDDI haptic smartphone prototype promises up to seven layers of touch, only shows off two

Today at Wireless Japan KDDI introduced the “New Haptic Smartphone” prototype based on Kyocera technology and display. While we all know what haptic feedback bring to a smartphone nowadays we all have to agree that this pretty much sucks as it is and does not leave up to our expectation, so Kyocera decided to bring something rather different here and unveils at Wireless Japan their first prototype on KDDI’s booth with their multiple Layer Haptic screen.
Like the shutter button of a Camera, you will have the possibility to “feel” several layers when you are now pressing your smartphone screen, giving you are real sensation of how much pressure you are apply to your smartphone screen.
If the demonstration model on KDDI’s booth only showed a screen featuring two haptic layers, Kyocera however confirmed us that this technology is capable to offer up to seven layers on all over the screen surface.
If KDDI did not really gave us a time frame on how soon we will see such products on the market, Kyocera however confirmed us that, this technology will be available in the near future on a Smartphone near you!.



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