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Friday, May 27, 2011

NVIDIA 3D Vision Technology goes in Youtube with video support Firefox 4

This is a snapshot of the sample Youtube 3D videos in Nvidia

Q: What is YouTube with 3D Vision?
A: We are announcing that high-quality, stereoscopic 3D Vision viewing capabilities are now available on YouTube. This means that the more than 6,000 3D videos already on YouTube today ( can be viewed in full-color and high-definition using an NVIDIA 3D Vision PC or notebook with the Firefox browser version 4.0, or later.

We are also announcing that we are showcasing the top YouTube stereoscopic 3D videos on our 3D web community site at

Q: What equipment is required to view YouTube videos in stereoscopic 3D on my PC?
A: You will need the following equipment:

• NVIDIA GeForce GPU-equipped PC or notebook
• NVIDIA GeForce driver Release 275 or later
• A 3D Vision Ready monitor, notebook, projector, or DLP HDTV
• NVIDIA 3D Vision emitter and glasses when using a PC monitor or notebook display
• Firefox version 4.0 or later (with HTML 5 streaming)
• Or NVIDIA 3DTV Play software (for viewing 3D YouTube videos on an HDMI 1.4 3D TV)
• Windows 7 only

Step-by-step instructions to set up and view YouTube videos in stereoscopic 3D is available here: http://www.3dvisionl...html5-detection

Q: Will all existing YouTube 3D videos be enabled in stereoscopic 3D?
A: The majority of existing YouTube 3D videos are expected to be enabled beginning on May 25, with the remainder to follow. However, videos that include advertising overlays will not be supported at this time. Also, playback of 3D videos that are posted on a YouTube channel page will not be supported at this time, as HTML5 streaming is not yet available on YouTube channels. To view these videos, click on the “Try 3D on the main YouTube video page” button when it appears.

Q: How do I upload my 3D Videos to YouTube?
A: Detailed instructions can be found here:
please note that it is required to upload an already framepacked video and we think best to do it in side/side, left image first, and with horizontally scaled (squished). this instance would require a tag of "yt3d:enable=LR"

Q: Will this solution auto-convert 2D YouTube videos to 3D?
A: No. Only videos that are shot and uploaded in to YouTube’s 3D channel with 2 distinct images – one for each eye – will be viewable in stereoscopic 3D using 3D Vision.

Q: Can I view YouTube videos with 3D Vision using other browsers, e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome?
A: Firefox is currently the only browser offering HTML5 and our 3D Vision technology to enable viewing of YouTube videos in stereoscopic 3D today. The other browsers will add support in the months ahead.

Q: Can users who embed the YouTube player on other sites also view stereo 3D with 3D Vision?
A: Yes, as a site operator it’s easy to set up your site to serve YouTube based stereoscopic 3D video by embedding it as you would any other video. However, please note that the video must be an HTML5 video for viewing with NVIDIA stereoscopic 3D Vision. In addition, the user will still have to select the NVIDIA HTML5 stereo view from the YouTube 3D Mode Page.

Q: Will I be able to watch YouTube videos in stereoscopic 3D on my an HDMI 1.4 3D TV using 3DTV Play?
A: Yes. Just like other 3D content, you can enjoy all of your 3D Vision PC content on a compatible 3D HDTV with NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play software. However, you will use the glasses that ship with the TV, rather than 3D Vision glasses. For more information on 3DTV Play please visit

Q: is SLI supported?
A: No, not at this time. please disable SLI to get this to work

Q: Other comments
Driver side
1. Win7 only with Aero theme enabled, and not Vista
2. On some PC's the NV control panel may be set to the wrong Windowed mode option. Ensure the dropdown labeled: “select when the display is in 3D mode” is set to “only while 3D programs run”
3. HDMI resolution set to 720p60 or 1080p24 (3DTV Play)
4. No SLI support
5. Windowed mode options do not show up on DELL and are set to OFF (this is fixed in our whql driver release 275 UDA)

YouTube-related side
1. MUST select HTML5 version in
2. No ads and channel support – there will be a popup saying HTML5 is unavailable
3. Try this video to debug http://www.YouTube.c...h?v=FpSR2xUc-CI , right click – it should say “About HTML5”
4. Aspect Ratio incorrect for some video uploads – REQUIRES horizontal scaling before upload

More detailed information is also available in a white paper located here:


Here's a sample video found here:


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