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Friday, May 27, 2011

Google Map updated 5.5 for android Improved Check-ins, Ratings and Latitude location history

Google offer a growing number of in-house developed apps for their Android smartphone platform and they know that we, as users, expect a solid experience. We mentioned the improvements that came to the recent update of Google Goggles and now it’s Maps’ turn, for the second time this month.

Google Maps version 5.5 rather than adding features, improves on its existing repertoire. For a start ‘check in’ and ‘rate and review’ buttons have appeared on any Places pages you might pull up. This basically gives you better integration of Latitude and its location logging, alongside quick review access, for when you want to make or break ‘that place you were just at’.
Other amendments include the ability to more easily change your work and home locations for when you want to track how much time you’ve spent at either from your location history. Finally (assuming you’re in one of the 440-odd cities covered by the application), Maps’ transit station pages have undergone a redesign to include upcoming scheduled departure times from various platforms and connecting lines information.

Download Google Maps 5.5 for Android here to try out the new check-in and rating buttons, update your Latitude Location History home/work address, check out a transit station in a nearby city, or just make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps for Android. This update requires an Android OS 1.6+ device anywhere Google Maps is currently available. Learn more in our help center.


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