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Friday, May 20, 2011

D-Link DHD-131 lets you stream movies to your HDTV wirelessly

Here’s something nice that I might get for myself when it becomes available. The recently introduced D-Link DHD-131 wireless display (WiDi) adapter allows you to stream videos to your HDTV from your laptop over a wireless network.
Wireless Display (WiDi) is a system developed by Intel which is used for streaming high definition video content from a WiDi-enabled PC or laptop (meaning 2nd Gen Intel Core processor-powered) to a HDTV via the WiFi network, without the need for any cables. With the D-Link DHD-131, you don’t need those WiDi devices anymore. You can use your old laptop to beam content to your HDTV.

With this device, you are not constrained with short HDMI cables. You can use your HDTV as your laptop’s extended monitor right from your couch. Using a secure WiFi technology equipped with WPA/WPA2 security features, high definition content such as videos, movies and music is instantly streamed on the TV screen. Using H.264 compression technology, 1080p video is streamed at 30 frames per second.
The closest setup I can do right now is with the use of a network media player. I’ll use the media player to browse for shared folders in my wireless home network which includes my PC and laptop then stream the videos to the TV. Not an elegant solution and my media player has to be connected to my TV and wireless router with cable.
Now picture this, I have a laptop, this D-Link WiDi adapter and a WiFi dongle like the Huawei E5. I can bring these to any place with an HDTV and I can view my laptop’s display on the big screen. Now you don’t have to hunch over your laptop to watch movies when you’re stuck at your hotel.
The D-Link DHD-131 WiDi Adapter will arrive here at the third quarter of 2011. We don’t have the price yet and your guess is as good as mine. I hope it’s an inexpensive device.


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